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leather boots women's - STEEL - 114/113

The 8-eyelet shoes STEEL made of genuine leather coated with paint in different shades. Material: leather, metal.

The toe is a metal stiffener (finger protection).

Colour: Black.


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EU size Size (cm)
36 23 cm
37 24 cm
38 24.5 cm
39 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
41 26.5 cm
42 27 cm
43 28 cm
44 28.5 cm
45 29.5 cm
46 30 cm
47 30.5 cm
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Marjan (m.gadzur@gmail.com) 10.12.2020

Koliko je u centimetrima velicina 45 ?

- Pozdrav, hvala Vam na upitu, duljina gazišta za veličinu 45 je 29 cm.

Peťo (Bratislava) 18.05.2020

Well, I would like to ask what is the size of shoes at size 44 in centimeters.

- Hello, thank you for your question. Steel shoes, size 44 - 28.5 cm.

Radoslav (Vráble) 06.03.2020

greetings, what is the inner length of 41 and 42?

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Size 41 = 26.5 cm, size 42 = 27 cm.

Obes 04.12.2019

Hello what is the size of no. 46 and 47 and cm

- Hello, thank you for your inquiry, tread length is as follows: size 46 - 29.5 cm size 47 - 30.5 cm

Viktor (Turnov) 04.03.2017

Hello, after the experience I have to say that I would not recommend anyone shoes! After a few měsícíc here he had his foot to trip and immediately it began to peel off my soles.

- Hello Victor, that we are very sorry - solution in this case is clear - to send back to us with a complaint letter with a description of the defect. Shoe covers a 2-year warranty.

Filip (Detva) 08.12.2014

Size 42 will not happen until Christmas ???

- Most likely not, but I recommend you set your watches demanded size. Procedure: display only product on which you are interested. Below the photo / EMI description underneath strip called "We recommend" and below it functions for monitoring missing sizes.

Rony (Hodonín) 26.09.2014

Hello, I wanted to buy these shoes, but a few poisonous tongues say that shoes are one word \ "shoddy \" from Poland. Further according to the experience of some people, after the first wear my shoes zrasují feet (Oder ankle, heel). I'll be glad when I advise you whether this is just bullshit or truth. Thank you.

- They are crap and inexperience bad language. It's been known for years that if you order "heavy boots", so it is necessary to break in and start appropriate to take a thick socks (or two pairs of normal socks) to rozchodily shoes and accustomed to the shape of the user's feet. Then you will not have any more problems, if you choose the right size.

Martin 05.02.2014

Hello, dimensions are in free space or by the length of the foot? Eg. I have a foot 24cm by table number 37, therefore, will not boot too tight?

- They are šňůrovací boots, so when tightening, it should not matter even a size 38, so I suggest rather that 38 If they did not fit, so the shoes immediately replace and done. :-)

Simo (K) 04.02.2014

Cordless velikosř I buy the size 16 cm legs?

- Even the slightest. Either you made a mistake, or you should buy children's sizes. The smallest size has an insert of about 23 cm.

Zdeněk 30.01.2014

Hello, how's size 42? Will he ever?

- Hello, about 14 days :) Please set the "watch sold out sizes"

stelios (athens) 12.01.2014

my foot is 30 cm what number should i buy ,47?

- For 46 size the insole is long 30 cm.

Aleš 07.12.2013

size data are given inside shoes or from the outside?

- inside :)

Jarda 17.11.2013

health virábí also 48, if yes when you add. thank you

- I'm sorry, the largest size is 47

Jacob (Jihlava) 04.11.2013

Hello, I would like to ask what material is made soles that are selling.

- It will be especially rubber compound and maybe some additional artificial substances. Manufacturer not stated, but the soles are fine - do not break, they are of good quality.

David (Zlín) 24.10.2013

Good day. I would like to ask what size shoe do I order if I have a foot long about 28.5 cm. Thanks a lot

- Hello, viz. dimensions

Rudy 25.07.2013

Hello there. I would like to inquire, battery size to pester when mam-size 11.5 foot. A CI is somehow not damage the Rain, since they are made of genuine leather, such as typing. Thank you.

- The rain will not harm, but you should be taking motorcyclee of those shoes (using the paste on leather shoes). No. 11.5 does not tell me much of anything. Measure the length of the inserts and send it to me.

Rudo (Michalovce) 27.05.2013

Hello, I would like to ask what are the boots from sole to the top.

- Depending on the size. I measured the minimum and maximum range and there are 19 to 21 cm.

Dam 06.12.2012

Hello there. I still did not have that kind of shoes. How do they walk? It's just for machrovinky or I with it could be scratched only in summer? Thank you for your answer

- these are the shoes to normal conditions - ie walking - if you need shoes for mountain sports shoes we recommend a dedicated

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