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color to hair (lightener) DIRECTIONS

hair color - lightener.

If you have more hair longer than shoulder length, it is possible that you need more than one package.

Package Contents:

1x generator 30vol peroxide 75 ml (9%) - Peroxide Cream

1 sachet of powder bleach 25 g - POWDER BLEACH

1 bag hydrating shampoo 10 ml - MOISTURISING SHAMPOO

1x plastic gloves size "M"

1 mixing tray

1x Application Brush

1 Instructions for use in Czech language

We recommend you prepare prior to application of these things (can be useful) old towels, grease, plastic cheeks to mixing paints, cleaning wipes.


Colors have never been tested on animals.


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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Ady 07.08.2013

It vijde the same to buy a blond ..


Eliška 23.07.2013

Adele: He wants to bleach several times. I had bleaches only a slightly red-haired brown and I got it after two completely orange discoloration. The black and discolour even worse. My friend had bleach to the 4th using peroxide. It is better to give the job, 'cause then they Directions beautifully holds even three weeks :-)


Evka (Praha) 21.07.2013

I'm sorry, but here the comments I was really amused ... 1) Any color damaged hair. Just some more than others. 2) In the "lighter color" is always peroxide. Only it is less than in respect of peroxide as such ("lightener"). 3) What kind of response from the cz, when one says that it is a peroxide, and the second time that a semi-permanent color?

- Since we are not hair stylists, so much hair dye not familiar and can serve only information from the manufacturer, respectively. Czech distributor. As the description says 1x generator 40vol peroxide 75 ml (12%) - Cream Peroxide, so I think it's clear. It's definitely lightener and thus is not semi. Just someone made a mistake in the answer, for which, however, deeply apologize.

Eliska 21.07.2013

It can be a mix of everything or do I have? I need to bleach a few strands. Thanks ;-)

- O that the manufacturer does not mention, but I would try it. If you motorcycleefully close the color, so it might not happen. But we can not guarantee it.

... (Košice) 18.05.2013

It peroxide or white?

- It peroxide

bleedingmetal 07.04.2013

So I lightened, but neponičí hair?

- Everyone hits the hair lightener, but certainly you should not fall out. :-)

Norn (Trenčín) 27.02.2013

First Is it white? Second I have black hair, I probably will spend more time until they will be whiter? 3rd You do not have to stock some white hair spray? Thank you, have a nice day

- It's not white, but peroxide - lightener.

halltenka 12.02.2013

peroxide is?

- No, it is semi-permanent color.

eris 09.02.2013

Somehow harm the hair?

- No.

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