earrings Tor Dragon - ALCHEMY GOTHIC

one piece earrings - made of English tin / pewter /.


Length of earrings approx. 4 cm.


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Product reviews

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Marek 06.09.2018

This earrings are simply gods, but unfortunately Jane fit the stick material. Even after repeated disinfection, the ear is repeatedly pushed down after one day. I still have the Alchemy gothic ikarus auspicious and surprisingly the same material and no problem .....

- Hello, I'm sorry for your complications. There may be several reasons why this happens. neuvedeno every earring goes to the beginning. Takme can be attached up to to the healed holes. Also, every person reacts to foreign bodies differently. One should not have the problem, the other a stiff ear. I'm not an expert, but I would recommend replacing the earring with another one that you have no problem with. Once your ear heals, you can continue to use this one.

Aleš 30.03.2015

I would like to ask, it's only women's earrings? Someone wrote in the men's but i u picture tag "Ladies" so I was a bit confused :) Thanks for the answer

- Hello, use this accessory can certainly gentlemen.

Andrea 26.11.2013

This is just one earring or a few?

- viz. Description: One piece earrings - made of English pewter / pewter /.

Akexandra (Krasno nad Kysucou) 24.09.2013

Well sorry I've figured it out: D


Akexandra (Krasno nad Kysucou) 24.09.2013

Hello, please you as I have to switch so that when the dam to cart to me there nepeidali two but only one? Thank you


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