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leather boots unisex - ALTERCORE


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leather boots unisex - ALTERCORE

10-eye boots, by ALTER CORE.

Made of real leather, covered with a black paint.

The shoe sole, which is made of thermo-rubber, is glued to the leather with a high quality adhesive.

Composition: Leather, metal, sole is made of TERMO-RUBBER.

In the boot tip is metal reinforcement for toe protection.

Color: black.

Height approx.: 24 cm.
Sole height (heel) approx.: 3.5 cm.


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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Ryuk (Bucuresti) 22. 9. 2019 09:43:29

Hello, my foot length is 23 cm, size 36 would fit me?

- The size 36 is 23.8 cm and the size 37 is 24.7 cm

Imre (Ócsa) 19. 2. 2019 22:05:26

Hello, my foot is 27cm long. Would it be a good size?

- Dear interested, the sole of the sole would be the number 43 boots.

Viktória (Nové Mesto nad Váhom) 2. 11. 2018 23:45:30

Hello, my leg 40 and in cm should I have about 24 cm what size would you recommend me? thank you very much for the answer

- Hello, thank you for your inquiry. I would recommend size 37 or size 38. size 37 - 24.6 cm size 38 - 25.1 cm

Mihai (Alba) 9. 10. 2018 18:31:28

Why do women's leather boots write? I found them in the men's category.

- Hello. The model is unisex and therefore both women's and men's labels appear.

SkogKatt (Sinj) 27. 9. 2018 16:11:12

How long in centimeters is the insole of size 42 and 43?

- Hello, Thank you for your question. 42 the insole is 28 cm long and 43 the insole is 28.5 cm long.

Ondřej Thiel (Tábor) 25. 5. 2018 09:51:06

Hello how long is a liner at 46? length my foot is 30 cm will you? Thank you

- Hello Ondreja, length Inner insoles at size 46 is 30.4cm.

Le roch 11. 11. 2017 16:17:27

I am a man and I do size 7, and 25cm of foot. Which sizes 40 or 41? Thank you

- Hello Roch, Thank you for your comment! Size 40 should be enough for your feet. However, if you plan to wear large socks very often with these boots, size 41 may be more comfortable for you (but too big compared to the information you give me).

Michaela (Rožňava) 15. 10. 2017 18:25:37

Hello, please what size should I choose for the length of the 24.5 - 25 cm?

- Hi Michaelo, I would recommend size 38.

V (Scotland) 23. 8. 2017 12:52:18

Hi, do you know estimated delivery for these boots? Wondering if I could get them shipped with express delivery.

- Hi, please look at

Nati (Rijeka) 3. 7. 2017 15:26:04

Will you get the size 40 soon?

- Dear Nati, unfortunately, it primarily depends on the vendor and not on us. You may optionally include size tracking (scroll down the page and just type in the email) so you will be notified if the size you are looking for is reached. :)

Amber (Pula) 8. 6. 2017 05:11:45

How long in centimeters is the insole of size 40 and 41?

- 40 to 26.5 cm; 41 - 27.1 cm.

olivier (Firbeix) 5. 3. 2016 10:57:20

I wonder if these boots just size or large?

- the shoe are in the right size.

Otto Muller (Stuttgart) 17. 9. 2015 02:05:05

Shipping to Germany? Versand nach Deutschland?

- Prices:

Collin Teague (Ellijay) 15. 11. 2014 01:55:37

I am in america and usually wear a 10 and a half. What size would you recmomend?

- Please Send me the length of insole shoes.

Vojtěch (Jesenný) 26. 10. 2014 19:48:25

I would like to ask how long is the sole in size 46? :)

- The length of the sole will probably not useless, but the length of the liner is in the size of 29.5 cm. :-)

anonim uj (nitra) 27. 8. 2014 20:17:56

these shoes are high quality but bo as steel bulldog and pure trash?

- They are similar to Steel or KMM, which are of course good shoes as well as shoes Alter Core.

anonim (nitra) 10. 8. 2014 17:14:20

in what country are these shoes manufactured?

- This is a Polish brand.

Vojtěch (praha) 28. 5. 2014 19:12:53

is the sole comforter too?

- It is not. Most brands of boots is on neprošívaná and only glued.

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