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leather boots women's - - ALTERCORE - 352


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leather boots women's - - ALTERCORE

14-CORE pinhole shoes made of genuine leather coated black.

Shoe sole which is made of thermoplastic rubber is adhered to the skin quality glue.

Composition: leather, metal, sole is made of a thermoplastic rubber.

The toe is a metal brace (finger protection).

Color: Black.

Height shoes approx.: 31 cm.
The height of the sole under the heel approx. 3.5 inches.

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Peter (Liepaja) 28.09.2016

And one more question. Is these shoes tongue is all long sewn, like army boots?

- Tongue is long. I don't understand the second half of the question.

Peter (Liepaja) 28.09.2016

Hello. I would like to ask .. these boots is suitable for walking to the snow and when air temperatur is -15 and low.

- Hello, thank you for your interest. These are not winter boots but people wear in winter too. There is a metal tip. It can freeze and cool down.

Kristýna 07.03.2016

Hello. I know that these questions are there too, but better to ask than it is mistaken. What size shoes should I buy if I have a foot in length 24.5 cm? Thank you in advance for your reply

- Dear customer, to shoes alter the core I would recommend that a size 39 insole 25 cm :) Just for info size 38 insole is 24 cm :)

Lenka (Košice) 13.10.2015

Good day. I would like to ask .. these shoes are also suitable for longer stays wet ground? Thank you :)

- Yes, if you walk around the waist in mud. ;-)

TheReza (Košice) 03.10.2015

Good day. I would like to ask .. I have a leg length of 28 cm, what size shoes would be the most appropriate? :)

- Thereza Hi, thanks for your inquiry, it would be a size 44. Michal

Tom Lassenberger (Stuttgart) 17.09.2015

Hello, as it is resistant shoes? It's a classic footwear, or it can and rugged terrain, labor, forests, etc .. Thank festival. That

- You can do more challenging terrain.

kamil (hevlin) 07.05.2015

ma te 46

- yes 46 are in stock

Štěpán (Trutnov) 03.04.2015

Hello, here in the debate I found that you recommend for foot size 27 cm - one shoe no. 42 and the second no. 44. So what exactly is the right size? Thank you for answer.

- It's the size of the 42nd

anonym 01.04.2015

Hello may I ask insole numbers 36,37 usually decided by me at every shoe insole otherwise :) ??

- 23 and 23.5 cm.

Annie 09.12.2014

Good day. My leg is 26.5 cm and usually buy a size 41. I choose it even in these shoes, or would you recommend another?

- Hello, we would recommend you normally order size 41 as all four shoes. We measured it and has size 41 Insole 26.5 cm :)

david (ROME) 01.12.2014

good evening. forgive me but I'm undecided whether to take steel or alter core are stupendous both im a man and usually wear boots uk / 9 EU / 43 . my length insoles be 28.5. also alter _ core fit like the steel? thanks

- Size 44. Yes, Alter Core fit like Steel.

DAVID (ROME) 01.12.2014

Good evening I'm a man and usually wear boots uk / 9 EU / 43 but sometimes I had problems with some brands. my length insoles be 28.5. What number do you recommend? thanks

- Size 44.

martina 24.11.2014

Hello my leg 25 cm size should I order? Thank you.

- Hello, I would recommend you order a size 39. We measured the insole shoes and has a 25 cm :)

Kryštof 16.11.2014

Hello, my leg is 27 cm, what size should I buy?

- Hello, I would recommend you buy a size 42. This size has a length of 27 cm inner-soles, so you could have the good. :)

André 07.11.2014

I quite end feet *

- The length shoes size 39 is 25 CM (Interior). The length shoes size 40 is 26 CM (Interior).

André (cherbourg) 07.11.2014

I put on the 39/40 (size between 2) for shoes, it size do you recommend for this one? :)

- The length shoes size 39 is 25 CM (Interior). The length shoes size 40 is 26 CM (Interior).

Štefan Nagy (Praha) 26.09.2014

Shoes I already have. Supplied in three days. Thank you. I still have a question. How about shoe motorcyclee and treat what is?

- Povrchovopu dirt - wash with a wet cloth, and especially Do not dry on a radiator. Ostatníwise, regeneration and impregnation is recommended to use http://www.metalshop.cz/boty/boty-kozene/p/regeneracni-a-impregnation-wax-paste-steel-250g/

Štefan Nagy (Praha) 19.09.2014

I have leg 27 cm. Normally I buy 43, but there are other data. What size should I therefore order?

- Rather, I recommend size 44th

Tereza Chobotská (Rejšice) 08.09.2014

Hello, I would like to ask what size shoe to buy when my leg is about 23.5 centimeters? thank you

- I recommend size 37th

Jan Hlaváč (Kroměříž) 19.07.2014

Good day. I would just ask my leg is 29 cm, what size should I buy? Thanks

- Size 45

Kamila Lenertová (Šternberk) 14.07.2014

Hello, I won a competition for shoes Alter Core, ae not know what size you choose. Ordinary shoes I 41-42, I 42 Steel shoes (which should be 27 cm) and a little pushing me. Do you have another number (I've found that 42 should be 27.9 centimeters)? If I pushed, the problem would be replaced, even if they were going to win? Thank you for your answer, Kamila L.

- Shoes can be exchanged or returned within 14 days from the receipt of shipment. Shoes must of course be in 100% condition, so it must not show signs of use (try them at home kobersi course you can - without which it would not work). :-)

Míra kopec... (Polička) 13.07.2014

a message :) great men still ask for size 39?

- Size 39 in stock. You do not always write, feel free to search alone. :-) To the right of the main image is the price of shoes and the icon "Add to Cart" slider combo box "select size". When is there a number in brackets behind him stock, so we have the size in stock and can be sent immediately. ;-)

Míra kopec... (Polička) 10.07.2014

Hello same question: D but the size 46: D

- Hello, vel.46 is in stock :)

Tomáš Dvořák (Běštín ) 29.06.2014

Hello, I would like to ask if you do not have the size and 47?

- Hello, size 47 in this brand shoes are not in stock: (

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Waiting for your size? We will let you know!