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leather boots unisex - ALTERCORE

14-eye boots, by ALTER CORE.

Made of real leather, covered with a black paint.

The shoe sole, which is made of thermo-rubber, is glued to the leather with a high quality adhesive.

Composition: Leather, metal, sole is made of TERMO-RUBBER.

In the boot tip is metal reinforcement for toe protection.

Color: black.

Height approx.: 31 cm.
Sole height (heel) approx.: 3.5 cm.


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Product reviews

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dan (manchester) 13.02.2021

When will you have these boots in size 42? thankyou

- Hello, thank you for your question. We expect sold-out sizes with the arrival of spring, but we cannot specify a more accurate date. Best regards!

Vlado (Považská Bystrica) 05.05.2019

In this post I would like to comment on my previous comments, especially on 24.03.2019. Obviously there was a technical error and my initial demand of 16.03.2019 did not reach the operator of the e-shop, so I did not respond to my post, so on 24.03.2019 I wrote again, where I expressed my indignation over communication between the customer and e- Shop. Only after this kind of contribution did the e-shop worker respond that told me that the first demand did not get to her and she recommended me to communicate with the e-shop via e-mail. So it happened, and from e-shop I got an answer to my questions by e-mail, I quote: "I know from the experience of my colleagues that the skin will soften slightly. But it will not happen immediately. Here's our offer of 14-hole leather shoes. As you can see from the answer, the lady from the e-shop replied to me, did not mistake anything, did not avoid answering and described my previous experiences objectively and recommended other shoes. I was extremely satisfied with her answer, so I was not conscious of writing this post, because I would not like to make an e-shop negative for something for which they themselves could not. So, my experience with e-shop is very positive and I recommend e-shop to other customers. I finally decided to keep my shoes. I have been wearing them a few times, they are nice, comfortable, stylish. Although the language still feels, even though it is much better than when I put it for the first time, but there is nothing to wonder that still feel it, because I only had it about three times for about 10 hours a day, which is little to allow the skin to loosen. So I can still put my shoes on longer and then let me know if the skin has finally succumbed to the tongue. Sincerely, Vlado

- Hello, Thank you for your message and positive response. Of course, we will be very pleased if you write us your skin experience and compliance. This information will be very useful for us.

Vlado (Považská Bystrica) 26.03.2019

I didn't write to you on email. Here, in the discussion, I read that if I have any questions, I may ask. So I asked. March 16, 2019 I wrote to you that the shoes are great, but in the good I just wanted to find that the tongue on the sides of enough pressure, that you have experience with it, whether it will be done over time or that if I cut the tongue there wasn't the turning point, so I would still have a guarantee. But the answer is none. That is why I wrote again on 24.03.2019 and you suddenly responded, but you did not comment on my questions of 16.03.2019. That's why I want to ask you once again for your comments on those questions. Well thank you.

- Hello, thank you for your message. I have already answered your email about your footwear. which you directed to sklad@metalshop.sk.

Vlado (Považská Bystrica) 24.03.2019

After delivery of the goods pretty bad, respectively. no communication with the customer. I asked E-shop about some things, see the article below, and so far no answer. It will come to me as if they waited for me to expire the return period, and then after that they will answer my questions, I suppose it to me in the negative.

- Hello, I tried to find any communication according to your email address. Unfortunately in vain. Can I ask what email address you wrote an email to? If you have any question about the product received or the feeling that the product is not correct, please email sklad@metalshop.sk.

Vlado (Považská Bystrica) 16.03.2019

Good day. The shoes are great, they are nice, comfortable, as soon as I worry about the language of the shoe and I do not know whether to return shoes or do it over time. The problem is that the tongue is sewn to the shoe on the sides and therefore when I worry about the shoe, the skin is broken on the sides, doubled, which pushes enough. Therefore, I want to ask that you have the experience of doing that, whether it will be done over time, or that if I cut my tongue on the sides so that there is no break, if I still have a guarantee. well thank you

- Hello, thank you for your question. We have already solved the situation together. Only now I have reached your question. I apologize to you, your question is probably not a technical mistake. In the future, please send your questions directly to our e-mail sklad@metalshop.sk.

Aleš (Oloví) 19.02.2018

Hello. You're lying with me, I wanted to change shoes that do not suit me, and your reluctant staff did not. No one has warned me of the fact that my boots are not allowed to try out whether my shoes are sitting, with one shoe numbering 27 cm 41 and the other 42.

- Hello Aleš, the reluctance of the staff to exchange the already used shoes is absolutely in place, proceeded in accordance with the terms of business and the rules of complaint. Replacement is only possible for products purchased at the e-shop within 14 days of its receipt. The goods must be unused, only from the logic of the matter - must remain commercial, who would buy the boots at the full price? Thank you for your understanding, Michal, metal

Peter (Liepaja) 28.09.2016

And one more question. Is these shoes tongue is all long sewn, like army boots?

- Tongue is long. I don't understand the second half of the question.

Peter (Liepaja) 28.09.2016

Hello. I would like to ask .. these boots is suitable for walking to the snow and when air temperatur is -15 and low.

- Hello, thank you for your interest. These are not winter boots but people wear in winter too. There is a metal tip. It can freeze and cool down.

Kristýna 07.03.2016

Hello. I know that these questions are there too, but better to ask than it is mistaken. What size shoes should I buy if I have a foot in length 24.5 cm? Thank you in advance for your reply

- Dear customer, to shoes alter the core I would recommend that a size 39 insole 25 cm :) Just for info size 38 insole is 24 cm :)

Lenka (Košice) 13.10.2015

Good day. I would like to ask .. these shoes are also suitable for longer stays wet ground? Thank you :)

- Yes, if you walk around the waist in mud. ;-)

Tom Lassenberger (Stuttgart) 17.09.2015

Hello, as it is resistant shoes? It's a classic footwear, or it can and rugged terrain, labor, forests, etc .. Thank festival. That

- You can do more challenging terrain.

Štěpán (Trutnov) 03.04.2015

Hello, here in the debate I found that you recommend for foot size 27 cm - one shoe no. 42 and the second no. 44. So what exactly is the right size? Thank you for answer.

- It's the size of the 42nd

anonym 01.04.2015

Hello may I ask insole numbers 36,37 usually decided by me at every shoe insole otherwise :) ??

- 23 and 23.5 cm.

Annie 09.12.2014

Good day. My leg is 26.5 cm and usually buy a size 41. I choose it even in these shoes, or would you recommend another?

- Hello, we would recommend you normally order size 41 as all four shoes. We measured it and has size 41 Insole 26.5 cm :)

Kryštof 16.11.2014

Hello, my leg is 27 cm, what size should I buy?

- Hello, I would recommend you buy a size 42. This size has a length of 27 cm inner-soles, so you could have the good. :)

André 07.11.2014

I quite end feet *

- The length shoes size 39 is 25 CM (Interior). The length shoes size 40 is 26 CM (Interior).

André (cherbourg) 07.11.2014

I put on the 39/40 (size between 2) for shoes, it size do you recommend for this one? :)

- The length shoes size 39 is 25 CM (Interior). The length shoes size 40 is 26 CM (Interior).

Štefan Nagy (Praha) 26.09.2014

Shoes I already have. Supplied in three days. Thank you. I still have a question. How about shoe motorcyclee and treat what is?

- Povrchovopu dirt - wash with a wet cloth, and especially Do not dry on a radiator. Ostatníwise, regeneration and impregnation is recommended to use http://www.metalshop.cz/boty/boty-kozene/p/regeneracni-a-impregnation-wax-paste-steel-250g/

Štefan Nagy (Praha) 19.09.2014

I have leg 27 cm. Normally I buy 43, but there are other data. What size should I therefore order?

- Rather, I recommend size 44th

Tereza Chobotská (Rejšice) 08.09.2014

Hello, I would like to ask what size shoe to buy when my leg is about 23.5 centimeters? thank you

- I recommend size 37th

Jan Hlaváč (Kroměříž) 19.07.2014

Good day. I would just ask my leg is 29 cm, what size should I buy? Thanks

- Size 45

Kamila Lenertová (Šternberk) 14.07.2014

Hello, I won a competition for shoes Alter Core, ae not know what size you choose. Ordinary shoes I 41-42, I 42 Steel shoes (which should be 27 cm) and a little pushing me. Do you have another number (I've found that 42 should be 27.9 centimeters)? If I pushed, the problem would be replaced, even if they were going to win? Thank you for your answer, Kamila L.

- Shoes can be exchanged or returned within 14 days from the receipt of shipment. Shoes must of course be in 100% condition, so it must not show signs of use (try them at home kobersi course you can - without which it would not work). :-)

Míra kopec... (Polička) 13.07.2014

a message :) great men still ask for size 39?

- Size 39 in stock. You do not always write, feel free to search alone. :-) To the right of the main image is the price of shoes and the icon "Add to Cart" slider combo box "select size". When is there a number in brackets behind him stock, so we have the size in stock and can be sent immediately. ;-)

Míra kopec... (Polička) 10.07.2014

Hello same question: D but the size 46: D

- Hello, vel.46 is in stock :)

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