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leather boots unisex - ALTERCORE

10-eye boots, by ALTER CORE.

Made of real leather, covered with a black paint.

The shoe sole, which is made of thermo-rubber, is glued to the skin with a high quality adhesive.

Composition: Leather, metal, sole is made of TERMO-RUBBER.

In the boot tip is metal reinforcement for toe protection.

Color: black.

Height approx.: 26 cm.
Sole height (heel) approx.: 5 cm.


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Product reviews

Product reviews

1 customers
Joshua 17. 11. 2018

Great boots, well designed and quite comfortable FOR STEEL TOE CAP...



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Alyssa (London) 03.03.2021

Hello i was wondering when will you guys restock the size 37? Is it any time soon? Thank you

- Hello, thank you for your question. We should add the sold-out sizes during the spring 2021. I recommend you set up a watchdog. Have a nice day! :-)

Jakub (Hlinsko) 12.01.2021

Hello, I would like to ask if there is a scale for the size of these shoes somewhere on the web. Thank you for answer.

- Hello, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we do not have a size chart for these shoes. What size are you interested in? We would measure your size. Write us an email at sklad@metalshop.cz.

Alexandra (Timisoara) 10.01.2021

Buna, cand veti avea marimea 40 in stoc? :)

- Momentan nu știm când va fi suplimentat stocul deoarece depindem de foarte multe variabile pe care nu le cunoaștem încă. Dacă apăsați pe mărimea 40, apare o căsuță care vă cere să introduceți adresa de email. Astfel veți fi notificată automat atunci când dimensiunea care vă interesează va fi disponibilă. Dacă vă mai putem ajuta cumva, vă rog să nu ezitați din a ne scrie pe store@metal-shop.ro.. Vă mulțumim că alegeți Metalshop! \m/

Aurora (Napoli) 03.01.2021

Quando rifornirete con i nuovi numeri?

- Ciao! L'articolo verrà restockato in primavera, puoi seguire lo stato tramite il servizio di notifiche, selezionando la misura che ti interessa e inserendo il tuo indirizzo mail.

Alyssa (London) 11.12.2020

When you say it will be replaced in the mew year do you mean kike around January or like the whole year of 2021 ?

- Hello, I am sorry but I can't tell you the exact date. But first orders will be probably in the spring.

Ceren Alyssa (London) 10.12.2020

Hello would you guys restock size 36 or 37 anytime soon?:) Thanks

- Hello, Thank you for your question. We tried to restock the most items before christmas. We will not restock anytime soon. New orders will be placed in the new year.

Chiara Staffa (Avellino) 01.12.2020

Salve, vorrei sapere se e quando tornerà disponibile il numero 39

- Salve, il prodotto tornerà disponibile in magazzino a gennaio

Mikhail (ATH) 29.11.2020

Hi, do these boots have a shank?

- Hello, Thank you for your question. I would like to answer you, but this info is not specified anywhere. The manufacturer don not give us this info about the shoes.

Anamarija (Gospić) 22.11.2020

Pozdrav. Kupili bi broj 41. Koji inače malena nosi. Koliko je to točno u cm?

- Pozdrav, hvala Vam na upitu. Duljina gazišta veličine 41 je 27,1 cm. Lijep pozdrav.

Cecilia Forcina (Roma) 08.11.2020

Salve, io ho un 23,5 di suola, quale misura consigliate?

- Il numero 36 ha una suola da 23,8 cm

Ceren Alyssa (İstanbul ) 17.10.2020

Hello do you shipments to Turkey İstanbul? İf so how much would the shipment be? Thank you

- Hello, Thank you for your question. Yes, we are able to deliver almost everywhere. Here you can find info https://www.metal-shop.eu/s/terms-of-delivery/ Shipping costs depend on the products you are interested in and also on your address.

Antonia (Bistrita ) 11.12.2019

When will stock size 36 come in?

- We may bring this size back in February. You can click on the size that interests you and leave your email address. This way you will automatically receive an email when the stock size returns. For other questions, please write to us at store@metal-shop.ro.

Jackie (Zagreb) 07.07.2019

Hello, I'm interested if you can help me choose the size of the shoe. Anyway, I take the number 39 but I measured it in cm and it is 25 cm long (from the top of my thumb to the foot of the foot) and the width 10 cm. I would be very grateful if you could tell me which number to take.

- Regards, unfortunately, we have no size 38 and 39 so we measured the number 40 with a 26 cm slope. We recommend you size 39 or 38.

thomas (uelzen) 14.05.2019

hi. im wondering if you could tell me the width of the inner sole on size 45. i have trouble as all shoes i buy are usually to narrow.

- Hello, thank you for your interest. The width of the inner sole (size 45) is about 9.5 - 10 cm. Measurement accuracy is not ideal. It was difficult to measure.

Andra (Timisoara) 15.01.2019

Hello, where can we find a size chart for this model? I wonder what sizes would be suitable for 24cm and for 25-25.5cm? Thank you. ^ _ ^

- We think the following sizes would interest you: 24.6 cm = 37, 25.1 cm = 38 and 25.9 cm = 39. If we can help you with the information, please write to the store @ metal-shop. en.

puber (Bucuresti) 28.11.2018

Would I also know how many cm is 45? I have 28cm in size but I would like to leave some space, What size do you recommend?

- The dimensions of the product are as follows: 45 -> 29,7 cm, 44 -> 29,1 cm, 43 -> 28,5 cm, 42 -> 27,9 cm. It is up to you to decide which is the right size for you. If you still need help, please write to store@metal-shop.ro. Thank you!

Kathy (Greece) 17.10.2018

Hello! Are you going to bring size 38 in the near future?

- Hi, thank you for your interest. We would like to add this size again. You have been successfully logged in to watch the product size. You will be notified by email.

Angelo (Seveso) 01.10.2018

Hi, I have a pair of New Rock in size 41 and they fit perfectly. What size should I choose of this model? 41 or 42? Thanks a lot.

- Hello, Thank you for your question. I looked at NEW ROCK shoes and the size 41 is 25.7 cm long. I measured ALTERCORE shoes and the size 42 is 27.9 cm long. Size 41 - 27.1 cm Size 40 - 26.5 cm Size 39 - 25.9 cm

Michaela 17.01.2018

Are you getting a size of 37 in the near future? well thank you

- Hello Michaelo, it should be added during spring.

mary (yerevan ) 06.12.2017

hi ^^ i my size is 36/37 will 37 be fine on my foot ?

- I think yes. But the length of insole is important. Please send an email with a more detailed query to store@metal-shop.eu

Sofia (Porto) 27.11.2017

Hi, I'm size 38/39, can you tell me the size 38 in cm pls? Thanks

- Hi, The length of insole in size 38 is 25.1 cm.

Pety (Zlín) 07.06.2017

Hello, I have a foot length about 23.5 - 24 cm Jane know what size to choose, mostly I'm sitting 37/38, very much thanks

- Hello Pety, size 37 should be a solution! :-)

Emanuele (italy) 27.04.2017

so i have a pair of KMM in size 42 and they fit perfectly what size should i choose of this model? 41 or 42? thanks a lot

- I recommend size 42.

Ana (London) 09.01.2017

I have an about 25.5cm foot, what size would you recommend? I'm not sure if I should go with size 40 or 39? If 39, when do you think they will become available again?

- Hi Ana, insole length for size 39 is 25,9 cm and for size 40 is 26,5 cm. Sold out sizes are replenished constantly. You can use the option of watching the size.

Anna (Moscow) 14.08.2016

hey)0)please,tell us about this shoes in compare with Steel. What difference? What better?

- Hello, there is minimal difference (only details). Both brands are just as good.

Anna (Moscow) 14.08.2016

hey)0)please,tell us about this shoes in compare with Steel. What difference? What better?

- Hello, there is minimal difference (only details). Both brands are just as good.

Jakub (Praha) 21.03.2014

Fits these shoes even in the spring and summer months?

- A pile of shoes people wear this all year.

Tonda 07.02.2014

I was wondering if they are better quality shoes or Kmm this product. Thanks for the info

- I do not know, because I only have personal experience with Steel. Maybe you will answer some of the customers?

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