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Official Merchandise Sabaton

t-shirt metal men's children's Sabaton - Swedisch - CARTON

Men's original T-shirt with front and back print.

Color: black.

Material: 100% cotton.

Brand: CARTON.

Approximate dimensions in cm approx. (CIRCUIT is 2 x width)



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Official Merchandise: Sabaton
Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h

Size chart

chest width
XS 45 66
S 50 67
M 55
L 58
XL 60
XXL 63 77

Size Chest (A) Length (B)
S Chest S Length S
M Chest M Length M
L Chest L Length L
XL Chest XL Length XL
XXL Chest XXL Length XXL
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Klára (Plzeň) 17.03.2019

Hello, I would like to ask if this shirt will be xxl size. Or if you have any other Sabaton T-shirt with a short sleeve with a Czech flag in this size. Thank you

- Hello, thank you for your question. Size XXL of this shirt is sold out at the moment. I have set up your guarding of the required size beDovod no other T-shirt with a short sleeve, Czech flag and Sabaton motive in XXL size is currently on offer. We will send you an email, up to (and if) size we will add again. :-)

Jiří (Sloupnice) 21.10.2017

Hello, I'd like to ask if I can wash this shirt normally in my washing machine. Thank you for answer.

- Hello George, yes - the machine can be washed.

jura (třinec) 15.01.2015

health, I would like to M. will be about a month?

- Hello, shirt will complement the end of next week, so keep an eye out and within two weeks you can order :)

Kryštof 14.01.2015

Howdy, I want to ask if it will be available size M? Thank you

- We'd sold out sizes added time, if permitted by the manufacturer. We recommend that you set your watches demanded size. In the case of supplementing You will then be able to send a notification email.

Honza (Kralupy) 28.08.2014

Super refurbishing the flag!


Jakub 28.08.2014

Hello, I would like to ask when will size L / XL? And when would it then ordered the flag correctly? Thank you

- T-shirt with the correct flag we recently received from tomorrow and should be on site to order. ;)

Tomáš 25.08.2014

Hi, size L still this year will be? In June you wrote here that doobjednáváte and still nothing ...

- Yes, I still have to plan. Hopefully, later in the fall. Printing should fix a new batch should have a Czech flag correctly. When we are at Carton order to Sabaton and this shirt definitely will not forget. :-) Set Please watch your desired size. ;)

Linhi 17.07.2014

Flag is definitely wrong ... when is ripe, it has to be red in terms of "audience" right ;)

- Yes, you're right. Swedish Designers already knows about it too, but what's the use shirts are ready. ;-)

Aleš (Hodonin) 01.07.2014

Hello there will be size XL Thank you.

- Yes, the time will add. Set a watch of this size.

Pavel (Rakovník) 30.06.2014

Hello, size L will still be available? Thank you

- Hello, we are missing the size doobjednali :) Please set the "eat bigger"

Kateřina 14.06.2014

Hello, I would like to ask - size XS has what dimensions? I'm a minor character so I wonder if this will have a tent. Pity that such a shirt is not even women, most of those are nice men. (

- Hello Sir. - 47 cm, length. - 67 cm

Týna 04.06.2014

Maybe she thought: § 9 b) in vertical position when viewed from the object on which the national flag is placed, white on the left and blue wedge always faces down. But I have a T-shirt with the flag and got it backwards ..

- Today we discussed and it is true that the white and red should be reversed when the flag vertically. It is not logical, but that's the rule.

Jana 04.06.2014

Why has the colors of our flag upside?!

- I do not understand why the reverse? Czech flag is still red at the bottom and white top, blue went left. The flag is from my point of view is correct. Just rotated by 90 ° upwards. Maybe this bothers anyone? In that case, yeah, I understand. ;-)

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