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cover to cell phone SPIRAL - FLAMING SPINE - SAMSUNG

original packaging for mobile phone SAMSUNG - in the combo box "size" in terms choose variant (type) of a mobile phone on which we have the design (not a rule but we have our menu packages for SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 or S4).

Perfectly protect your cell phone from scratches and other environmental influences

Precise cutouts ensure the preservation of all features. Easy to put on and just as easily and quickly can also take off

SPIRAL official product, made of high quality rigid PVC.

Printing is repainting and therefore there is a quick scraping.

Dress your phone like nobody else, and so define your style.


Show more of brand: SPIRAL
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Product reviews

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k 09.09.2017

I would just like to inform you if you ever have a cell phone on my Lenovo A6000 cell phone

- Hello, We do not plan these products.

carnifex (ilava) 24.10.2014

the cover on the s3 would be good also to s3 mini ??

- MobileMe is not know, but if you normally covers of S3 fits S3 mini, so it will be the same case.

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