leather boots women's - STEEL

regeneration and waterproofing wax paste for treatment shoes and leather materials in demanding conditions.

Weight of filling: 150 g
Wax is packaged in PVC pouch with printing.

This wax is suitable for regeneration and overall conservation of natural materials from cracking.

Brand: STEEL.


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Product reviews

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paťa (Brno) 12.01.2017

how is this wax paste is applied and at what places?

- Patou Hello, thank you for your question. It's nice to use a toothbrush. The Shoemakers it is (or once it was) directly buy such a toothbrush globin, but I think you can handle with conventional toothbrush. Apply the paste on your skin adequate shoes and rub. Then leave some time to act. Just half an hour, an hour. Then brush to wipe boots crusted toothpaste - Brush. Ostatníwise, I suggest you ask a guy who was in the army. Any such will be happy to describe shows how to clean shoes. :-)

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