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hair dye MANIC PANIC - Amplified - Siren's Song


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hair dye MANIC PANIC - Amplified - Siren's Song

Semi-permanent hair dyes MANIC PANIC® (Ampliefied)

The best effects are achieved when applied to bleached or highlighted hair.

Color: Siren's Song (cyan color, named after the notorious siren from ancient Greece. It is similar to the "sea glasses" (ordinary pieces of glass smoothed by the sea into matt pebbles) which can be found at the seashore. With this color, you will have hair like a mermaid!

Color is vegan, no animal cruelty occurred during its production - it was tested on celebrities, not animals. It is gradually washed out (using any shampoo). Dye contains no harsh chemicals and the hair thus thanks to the gentle composition isn't damaged! The application is possible directly from the jar.

As the colors contain natural ingredients, they have a regenerative effect on hair, hence their use do not damage hair.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (Amplified): Special dye range Manic Panic Amplified ® is gentle and contains natural ingredients like FORMULA CLASSIC but thanks to a new recipe colors are vivid and last 30% longer.

The dyes are available in tubes with a volume of 118 ml. One tube usually suffices for a shoulder length hair. (1/2 jar for short hair, the entire contents of jar for long hair).

The colors are applied to hair that has been pre-lightened or bleached. It enables Manic Panic dye to deeper penetrate hair follicles and therefore in most cases to last longer. Colors Manic Panic allow users to create their own limitless shades and combinations that will suit their individual needs.

Instructions for use:

Wash your hair properly with deep-cleansing shampoo. Rinse well to avoid shampoo residues on hair. Towel dry the hair and blow-dry in a conventional way.

Protection: Wear protective gloves during dyeing. Apply dye to dry hair. Mix the required amount of dye in a plastic bowl. Apply dye with a brush about 2.5 cm from root to tips. Make sure that you have applied the dye evenly on a strand of hair. Comb the dyed hair strand. Lighter shades of Manic Panic ® may require combing for a prolonged period to maximize absorption of color into the hair and prolonged dyeing effect.

Time: leave the dye on for at least 30 minutes. By then the dye Manic Panic® will have been completely absorbed, but the results vary for each individual. For resistant hair, using a plastic cap and increasing exposure period to 60 minutes or longer is recommended. Heating the hair with a hair dryer will intensify the result and open the hair cuticle, which leads to better absorption of MANIC PANIC® hair dye, and to longer lasting effect.  

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