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Advantages shopping list

What is the purpose?

Shopping list (wishlist) will serve to compare products on store products shortlisted to build your wish list that you can share on Facebook or send a link via e-mail. To the families and friends get gift something that you really like? Then use our shopping list.

Benefits Wishlist

Permanently stored product

To manage your shopping list, we encourage you to sign up. Logged-in users remain permanently stored products in Wishlist. Build a shopping list you can but also without login.


Do you have your list of products that are sold in the meantime? Never mind, all is not lost. Shopping List will give you the ability to track skladovosti the product. If you want any of the products removed from the list, you can simply make a cross at the top right.


When you mouse over the picture to see the name and price of the product. Whenever you have a quick overview of whether you were selected products discounted, sold, etc.

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