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Customer Photos

I. Terms and Principle of Uploading Photos

  • Customers upload photos via the web interface.
  • Each Customer may upload up to one photo per product.
  • After submitting a photo, the Metalshop team will review the photo quality. In the case of approval the Customer will receive a discount voucher of 2 € via e-mail. For one order (regardless the number of products in the order) it is possible to get a maximum discount of 2 €. The customer can apply this discount on any purchase on Metalshop with a value over 20 €. The coupon cannot be redeemed for cash and is not transferable to another person.
  • Customer declares that the photo submitted is a photo of Customer and the product acquired, and that Customer meets the conditions set out in these rules.
  • Only Customer and no other person will be shown along with the product.
  • Customer’s photos must comply with these rules, regulations, and general moral principles. Photos violating rules, laws, or morality, as well as photos of people who do not meet the photo upload requirements, will be rejected.
  • There will be no automated decision making or profiling. s.r.o. reserves the right to reject any photo without giving a reason. The assessment of the photo belongs to the company s.r.o. and is final.

II. Copyright, License

  • By submitting a photo, the customer declares that he is the sole holder of the rights to all subject matter of the photo protection and that granting the license will not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties. By sending the photo, the customer grants s.r.o. non-exclusive license for photography. The license is granted without any limitation. The Customer is not entitled to any remuneration for the granting of the license, respectively the remuneration is part of the mutual fulfillment resulting from these rules.
  • Customer information is anonymized for future use except for the country from which the order was placed.
  • Customer agrees to publish the photo. The customer also agrees to make adjustments to the photo suitable for publication, to include the photo in a collective work or to associate it with other works. By submitting a photo you agree to the distribution of your image as shown in the photo. The customer acknowledges that the photographs are displayed publicly via the Internet and that the photographs will be accessible to an unlimited number of people. Photos will not be transferred to any third country (but may be accessible via the Internet). Due to the free access to the submitted photos on the Internet, Metalshop s.r.o. withdraws any responsibility for their eventual download and use by third parties. The customer acknowledges that the uploaded photos are a marketing tool and will therefore be part of the marketing presentation of s.r.o.
  • Withdrawal of this consent terminates the contract according to these rules.

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