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↑ All our products are divided into main categories above.


← Inside each category, you can first pick by the gender, then get into respective subcategory, and follow by choosing your preferred band, brand or size.


↑ You can also search specific product name by using search tab on top of your screen.



By clicking on the product in the list you will se the product detail. Sometimes, you have to choose the size or other variant of the product - above the "To the cart" button - and then click it. This way you will add the product to the shopping cart. It will stay there, untill you collect all products you wish to buy. You can get back to the cart any time by clicking the number of items in the cart in the upper-right corner.

Ready to order?

  • go to the shopping cart
  • choose your delivery and payment method (delivery terms here) and click CONTINUE WITH YOUR ORDER
  • you can log in now with your e-mail, or just fill in your order details and submit it by clicking OBLIGATORY ORDER
  • you will see the order summary, it will be sent to your e-mail address, too. Last thing you need to do is to finish your payment using your chosen payment method

Why it's better to make an account?

  • you won't need to fill in your order details every time 
  • you can finish your payment anytime you want after the order
  • your account will track your orders, so you can upload the photo to the product and get a discount for next order


Bank Transfer - if you choose to pay by international bank transfer, do not pay for transfer charges: while transferring money, choose SHA code (not OUR). After receiving your payment, your package will be dispatched and we will inform you by e-mail

PayPal (credit card or PayPal account) - if you choose to pay by PayPal, you'll be redirected to the PayPal gate after the order; there you'll be able to choose the credit card payment (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) or login and pay from your PayPal account


You can upload a photo to a product, if:

  • it's allowed on a product detail ("User photos" tab)
  • you are logged in (and you purchased the product from your account)
  • there is a man and the product on the photograph
  • you have no photos accepted for this product yet

We decide about what photo to accept or decline, but don't worry - if it's original and cool enough - we will accpet it ;)

How to upload a photo?

  • it's easy: choose the purchased product, on a "User photos" tab click browse... and then click Upload
  • The photo can't be bigger than 1 Mb
  • the aspect ratio must be 4:3 (or 3:4)

We will take a look at your photo after uploading, then you will recieve an e-mail with the answer. Do not answer our e-mail, we do not archive declined photos. After successfully accepted photo, you will get a discount which will automatically appear in your shopping cart after you log in.

Using the discount

  • you can use only two discounts in one order
  • you can get 30% discount on your order at most

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