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Why cz?

Over 15,000 products in stock!

Sited in stock we have over 15,000 products and their numbers and kinds of daily continuously gain!

In stock means that what is stated on the website exactly corresponds to the state at its disposal, so you can not stand (as in some e-shops) that the goods you waiting for a month, or that we told you that it can not send because not anymore.

Your orders and other requirements are handled daily and usually ship the package within a week of ordering (time of delivery).


Uptake shop

Each week, improving your system for convenient shopping - browse the catalog by group, brands and categories, regularly informed about news, smart search, related products, notifications of news and discounts, payment through Raiffeisen Bank and many more features!

We take motorcyclee of you, as soon as possible to find what you need. Let yourself be surprised!


guarantee and return goods without reason

We understand that choosing clothes from the internet is always a risk, but you can count on when buying these certainties

  • all goods are warranted for 2 years
  • within 14 days since you receive the package, you can feel free goods without giving any reason to pack and send back

More about warranty and complaints here .

In the recovery of the reasons we do NOT have to write because you must not like the color or because Bush did not win the election.


Payment in advance = less postage

We try to keep postage to the smallest possible extent, but even so it is sometimes bat ( For packing do not charge anything.

We try to solve the postage that if you pay in advance catalog, send him an ordinary package, saving up for delivery. Send cash on delivery - but ordinary package - cheaper.

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