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X-Mas Massacre

X-Mas Massacre

There's no need to worry. This massacre is something you've been looking forward to all year long. There will be blood, there will be pieces of human flesh and most importantly: THERE WILL BE METAL! Trust your animal instincts and try to get as much metal gifts as possible. Our X-Mas Massacre begins now!

Fathers of brutality

Experienced butchers. Holy names that deserve our endless admiration. They are legends, heavy metal and hard rock pioneers, one of a kind juggernauts without whom there would be no music to love!

OldschoolCannibalize us OldschoolCannibalize us

... and Metallica, Black Sabbath or Slayer

Young blood

The blood that keeps our genre alive. Heavy metal superstars of new millenium, fresh blood and our hope for even better tomorrows at the same time. If you like modern metal bands as much as we do, this is a perfect place for your shopping!

NewschoolCannibalize us NewschoolCannibalize us

... and Nightwish, Five Finger Death Punch or Bring Me The Horizon

Absolute slaughter

Brutal as f*ck. Extreme metal, death metal, black metal, grindcore and more - your journey through the depths of hell begins here. All your favorite extreme bands under one roof!

Death / BlackCannibalize us Death / BlackCannibalize us

... and Vader, Death or Suicide Silence

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