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high heels women's - 8332-S1 - NEW ROCK - M.8332-S1

for bikers

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NEW ROCK is one of the world's best companies producing shoes.

NEW ROCK products are sold in 65 countries worldwide. Quality products and most importantly - unrepeatable designs - NEW ROCK, the company won fans among rock music's biggest stars and show business. Zn. NEW ROCK bet primarily on nature - it is completely footwear made of natural leather, metal and rubber. These shoes are a special technology that ensures absolute comfort in using them. For each pair of boots NEW ROCK is an antibacterial element, which in addition, it has antiseptic properties, is still optimally natvaruje on each foot. The sole is the amount of air chambers that provide many years of using these shoes. New Rock Boots is a very carefully executed, and a lot of detail is very good indeed.

NOTICE: This shoe dispatched only after payment to our account when paying via E-account or by credit card.

Delivery time is approximately 14 days.

Manufacturer: NEW ROCK, Spain.

Availability: 14 days

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erika (Bratislava)

I'm glad I bought shoes still time ago, when only permanent crowns and the others were from New Rock around 3000 ;) And just to give some repairs, even if it brought together new, but I do not so much: D
Every New Rock boots worth 20,000. There are many models and price range is long.

fuck the systééém!!!

I totally agree with Slayer (the one who wrote it here in front of me), I thought that this is rebelskej trade and protest against the system and so on. But you do not submit to it, those shoes are fucking expensive, and now it is even dražejší!!!!!! this is a super deal but todle is really over the line ....
I wonder how we should submit to, such as the manufacturer sets the price? Should we pay the price? That we did not stay here too long. ;-)


You had previously written that the shoes cost 19 000 CZK and something .... But why now costs 22 790Kè??!! I know that using price as you order the brand NEW ROCK, but at this price I think so no one will buy!! Do you know how many people would still wore these shoes, only for money they do not have the opportunity to buy them!! People are not so rich scream you think .... The shoes are really something special, but in the life to them about nevidělám.
It rises euro, rise and prices in Czech crowns. The economy is stark.


Those are also the guy?


with such there shoes I would like someone to kick ... i want to ask if you would like that to hang ornaments piercing thrashing ... so if you would neodlomily or something??
These spines are just decorative - do not sting. And people prefer to excavate, be diplomat. ;-)

Štěpánka (jilemnice)

these shoes are amazing!

erika (bratislava)

You are crazy with that price? and in general, we can walk in those shoes?
We have not gone mad. We follow the manufacturer's recommended prices. Brand NEW ROCK is one of the most respected in the world, this model is also something extra, totally exclusive merchandise. :-)

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