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boots Grinders - 8dírkové - Baron - Black


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The 8-eyelet boots English brand grinders made of genuine leather, coated with a solid technical leather black for "matte" appearance shoes.

High-quality leather shoes!

Height about shoes.: 19cm.

Height soles (measured at the heel) approx.: 3.5 cm.

Material: leather, metal.

The toe is a metal brace (finger protection).

Color: black (matte).

The famous British brand producing shoes rebel almost 50 years. Practical design, comfort, quality, and style, it not only recognized the huge amount of users, but also the band Guns and Roses, The Prodidgy and more. Grinders boots from others apart Glade "matte" look and robust impression.

Availability: shipping in 24h

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When there are the boots in size 44 again?
Hi, unfortunately we are unable to determine when we will again have the size 44 in stock. So we know that you are looking for a different size, you enter is on the article page at the bottom at "Sold out sizes monitor". Then we try to order your size at the supplier and at goods receipt, you will receive an email automatically.


Good day, the shoes are covered with solid technical ,, skin "as the steel shoe?
Shoes are made of quality leather - viz. label product. They are durable and skin can cope with the normal abrasions, which can occur during normal walking. Of course it is not recommended to work in a quarry. -D They're work boots. ;-)

Laura (Varese )

Hello can you tell me please the size 37 how many cm are?also if they fit large?I have a pair of boots brand pure trash,I wonder if they fit similar, thanks a lot.
Insole for size 37 is 23,5 cm.

Stefan (Duisburg)

Will there be the shoes (or other Grinders models) soon again in other sizes? The shoes are great, but unfortunately very rare :(
Communication with Grinders stagnates, so I do not really know as it wants. : - /


Could you please write the length \ "insole \" in size 38? Thanks! Alena
The length of the insole for size 38 is 24 cm.


Hello, these shoes are somehow extra broader than the example. KMM? When I have a foot in length 22,5 cm, what size would be appropriate for me? Thank you
We recommend you order a size 36 and we seem wider than boots KMM.


When the size is 43 she in stock?
Size 43 is sold out. Please set the watchdog for 43. ;-)

Pat (Trnava)

When will size 43 in stock?
Probably not until next year. I recommend you set the size of the baby demanded.

Beňo (Zlaté Moravce)

They are also suitable in winter? ... They really cold? thanks
It's not winter boots, but a lot of people in winter wear. When I wear two pairs of socks or hooves, it'll be fine. :-)

Peter (Košice)

I could be drunk what amount, these boots? (Including the sole) is a big difference between 10 and 8 eyelet eyelet concerning the amount? Thank you.
see description: Height about shoes.: 19cm. Height soles (measured on the heel) approx.: 3.5 cm.

Lubo (Malacky)

I would like to buy these shoes. You will also have a size 42?
end of March 2013

Matěj (Písek)

Hello, I would like to ask if the sole of these shoes is actually sewn to the rest of the shoe, or if the thread (rather thin string :-)) around the soles are just decoration as it is eg shoe brand STEEL (verified own experience). Thank you in advance for your answer.
At this moment, for all types of footwear Glade connection between the sole and upper of the shoe solved only glued - KMM, Grinders, STEEL, UNDERGROUND, MARTENS. I do not know the manufacturer, which would resolve joint gluing and stitching - stitching shown is really just decorative.

Janyg (Bratislava)

Hello, for those do not happen to have in the foreseeable future also number 43 or 44?
Now, unfortunately, not the fastest in May.


Hello, I have a few questions: 1) What is the weight these shoes? 2) They warmer than the Steelkách 3) I can not decide whether these or Steel, what would you recommend?
They are about as heavy as Steel. I do not know if they are warmer, I tried it and I do not have the opportunity to compare. Grinders is a proven British brand, but Steel has a lot of people here also good experience. Not favor, because the choice is individual. Everyone has different experiences.

Waiting for your size? We will let you know!