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boots KMM 20 eyelets - Black Monster 5P - 205


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boots KMM 20 eyelets - Black Monster 5P

20-pinhole KMM shoes made of genuine leather coated in different color shades. Shoes are on the inner side zipper for easy putting on shoes, and are equipped with five buckles.

Material: genuine leather coated paint, rubber, metal zipper.

Colour: Black.

The total height of shoe approx.: 46cm.


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User photos

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Eliška 14.05.2016

In the description you have an overall height of about shoes .: 46 cm. It seems too high. It should not be 36 cm? Thank you :)

- Hello Eliska, yes - it really is 46 cm :-)

Daniel (Šumperk) 31.03.2015

I would ask, no. 43 have stock in Prague at the store? Approximately 11 April 2015 I have a straight path, and I would like to odskoušel there and picked up in person. Thank you

- Hello, unfortunately, size 43 does not currently have in stock.

Kata ( ) 06.10.2014

Hello I would like to ask whether it is possible to order a size 41, it is also possible just in case they did not suit me velikodt bot is back and ordered another one? Thank you

- It is not clear whether this model will produce KMM. We'd sold out sizes over time supplemented, if permitted by the manufacturer. We recommend that you set your watch demanded size. In case of completion will then be able to send a notification email. If he fails to complete his shoes until Christmas, so it never will be.

Petr 03.09.2014

Hello, no shoes, 205 KMM does not produce at all, so how did this come from? Proper labeling is 202

- We use the manufacturer's name. On the contrary, it is we do not know where you came to this opinion. 8)

Jakub (Děčín) 13.07.2014

It would be possible to order a size 46? Thank you

- Unfortunately I am not sure if it's even possible, but I suggest you set up a preventive monitoring of size 46

_Andy_ 10.01.2014

are great, although one often worn by the feet hurt: D but that's normal


shezzbot 26.12.2013

Hey! I was wondering if these shoes have a steel toe? If they do, is it possible to have them removed? My foot is 26cm and my calf circumference is 13inches, what size do you recommend? :)

- Shoes have a steel toe. Can't remove. I recommend size 40.

Irena Luzikova (Planá) 10.06.2013

Hello, I would like to ask whether the laces of these shoes are just an aesthetic issue, or whether it also can be tightened. A variant if I wanted these boots without zipper, how long it would take delivery. Thank you

- Shoelaces are functional and can be tightened normally. Variant without zipper available - delivery time about 30 days.

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