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boots men Grinders - 8dírkové - Cedric - Black


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The 8-hole boots English brand GRINDERS made of genuine leather, leather-coated solid technical for black "matte" appearance shoes.

Quality leather shoes!

Height about shoes .: 20 cm.

Height soles (measured at the heel) approx .: 3.5 cm.

Composition: leather, metal.

Color: black (matte).

The renowned English brand producing rebel shoes for almost 50 years. Practical design, comfort, quality design and style, it not only recognized the vast number of users, but also the band Guns and Roses, The Prodidgy and more. GRINDERS shoes from other Glade distinguish "hazy" appearance and robustly.

Availability: shipping in 24h

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Tomaš Kozak (Zator-Loučky)

Hello, you can Order Size 42 Thank you for your answer to this
Hello, We'd sold out sizes eventually supplemented, if permitted by the manufacturer. We recommend that you set your watches demanded size. In the event of completion we will then be able to send a notification email.

mejla (sokolov)

Hello, these shoes grinders from my own experience I do not recommend for first skin excessively pulled almost immediately I became from 43 to 46 and here he had to give it another shoe insoles otherwise I might have fallen from the soles of the feet in addition sou also totally scrap after 2 years I stress occasionally wear both my soles I'd rupturing from GRINDERS never bought anything .Mejla
2 years ago GRINDERS were somewhere else than they are today. Varied by machines in a factory and production is even better. Today GRINDERS are somewhere else than 2 years ago.

marek (levice)

have a steel spic ??
Hello yes boots have a steel toe :)

steff (italy)

how i can choose the exact size? my EU number is about 44...
We have EU size 44. Choosing the size is on the right side between the product price and add to cart.


Good as it looks with the 43? will soon?
Shoes GRINDERS supplement regularly, just yesterday we naskladnili but unfortunately your desired size but did not come for a few weeks I will surely come again :) Set the size of a baby when it is in stock you will receive an email alert :)

Jozef (Trenčín)

Hello, when will the size 43?
this brand dolňujeme continuously - I recommend you set up a watchdog to your desired size as soon as it is in stock and will be sent to the email that we naskladnili your size :)

Pepa (Liberec)

Hey, do not do that even at 47?
I'm sorry, just to size 46

Patrik (Trnava)

When the available size 43?
Until next year. Set your watches size 43

Martin (Bratislava)

Hi, I'd like to ask how it actually is with GRINDERS shoes, su site in England, or to China? It is about them on the net, said mark has expired, so therefore me mystified as to the sale, and I would hate to cinaky bought some ... Thank you in advance for your reply.
if Grinders is the English footwear manufacturer with 50 years of tradition - see label brands for each product - that's not Zaden fake. Where, however, the manufacturer purchases components, it is not known to us.

Jozef (Banovce)

Hi when the size 43?
Maybe in May. Set your monitor size.

Jiří (Teplice)

Hello, I happen to miss the size 43??
new merchandise arrives at the end of March 2013


Hello, what's with the size 43?
It will, however Grinders consignment not yet come. We are waiting for her every day.

Janyg (Bratislava)

Hello, I would still ask if you have a size 44, you would have definitely ordered.
They ordered will arrive in about a week. I recommend to set a guard dog, because you only get one pair in size 44 and other goods will then be in May.

Franta (Plzeň)

What is the quality of these shoes compared to Martens made in England?
Martens sell, so we can not compare, sorry.

ufák (Plzeň)

Where are these shoes manufactured?
The manufacturer of the UK, but where are all part of the boot, it is a trade secret producer.

Alex (Trenčín)

You get a size 41?
14 days later

Jiří (Teplice)

When will size 43?? Thanks
Probably in February.

Waiting for your size? We will let you know!