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leather boots - KMM

14-pinhole KMM shoes made of genuine leather-covered skin color technical in different shades. Shoes are on the inner side zipper for easy put on shoes, and are decorated with removable straps. Material: leather, paint, metal zipper.

Color: Black.

The total height of about shoes.: 32cm.


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Product reviews

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Ceren Alyssa (London) 24.07.2020

Hello İm 156 cm and i wear shoes that are in total hight 30 cm and they look good, İ i was wondering if these shoes are really in total including the sole and platform 32cm or are they taller than 32? Thnx !!

- Hello, Thank you for your question. I measured size 41. Those boots are 34 cm high. But from the ground. When I deduct the sole, the height will be 30-31 cm.

Pavlína (Třinec) 15.03.2019

I have two shoes months, they look great in appearance, but I will probably give up wearing, beDovod even after the two months I did not walk them and my heels are always blistering. I don't know if my shine proves my feet, but I didn't have such a problem with other brands. These shoes don't give up and they work and work ... (I have a good size, I would get bigger)

- Hello, Thank you for your comment. You may have come across a highly intractable pair, which we regret. It takes two socks or hooves and clenches teeth. I had two pairs of heavy boots. Takmetimes it cannot be done without tears and blisters. :-( The shoes will grow to us later. :-) I know, those moments can give a hard lesson. As hard as rock / metal can be. It ultimately belongs to it. ;-) I keep my fingers crossed for them to go as soon as possible and let them hurt the least! :-)

Zash 22.02.2019

Do boots have a metallic toe in the top?

- Hello! Boots have metallic protection at the top

Marek 05.04.2017

Still, I wonder what is the overall height (mean size of the soles after the peak of the last hole. Thanks \ m /

- Hello Mark, the overall height is 35 cm.

Marek 12.03.2017

Hello, my leg 44 and steelky (8 pinhole) also 44. He jm with them brutal challenges in terms of abrasion heels, nepomáhalyani two pairs of socks and I had to have them stretch. I'm thinking about buying these shoes but larger, perhaps 46. It's a good idea or will boot vyzvouvat ??

- Hello Mark, the question is why do you then heel scuff if the reason for the size, shoe you "pushed" then I chose therefore a greater number 1, ie 45th

Katarína (Bratislava) 28.12.2016

Hello terribly pushing me from behind while I'm not small hundredth can not do something?

- Hello Katarina, just break in. Put at least two pairs of socks or some thick hooves (thick winter socks) and grit your teeth - shoes eventually subside. ;-) I last rozchodil boots for two weeks, but failed. :-)

Ichi (Praha) 04.06.2016

Hello, you sometimes have in sight size 40? Thank you ~

- Hello, regularly doobjednáváme - estimated by the end of the month will be available. Set Watchdog sizes, after loading will come to your email alerts.

Rivai 13.12.2015

Hello, I want to ask whether you have size 40 and 41 in stock in the shop in Štěpánský. My feet 40 but mostly you with that kind of shoes I buy a large number, but I'd like to try both before you decide if it would be possible. ^ ~ ^ Thank you for your answer and have a nice day! 3

- Hello, at the moment we are in Prague size 41. Warehouses are often changing.

Luka (Beograd) 08.04.2015

Hello! I'll be visiting Prague in 15 days and I'll probably stop by Nosferatu, so I'd like to know Whether you have these in your shop at Štěpánská or not. Thanks ^ - ^

- We have some sizes there.

Lenka Suldovská (Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav) 03.03.2015

Hello, I would like to ask if these shoes also produces a winter warmer liner or are more suitable only for the period of spring and autumn? Thank you

- The thermal liner is manufactured. Clients use them year-round, although they are not sold as winter boots.

Martin (Znojmo) 21.02.2015

Hello, my shoes came after ordering, but they are too small. It would be possible to come up with them directly to a physical store and replace them with the fact that you try them right? Somehow I feel that I have the right size did not predict, nor the second.

- Hello, of course, if the shoes are worn, replace it with a different size :)

no name 04.12.2014

Hi, I bought these boots, but I do not sit much, I could replace them for another? If yes then how can I do?

- Hello, yes exchange is possible. Shoes send us the address of which is listed on the invoice and attach your own words written cover letter that asks for exchange and for what goods. :)

Tess (marseille) 16.11.2014

Hello I want to know the size of the inside sole size 38 cm thank you

- The size of the shoe 38 is within 25 cm.

Tomáš 13.11.2014

Hello I would like to ask about the size 4E and whether it will or when? Thank you

- Shoes KMM continuously supplemented :). I suggest you set your watch to the desired size and size when it comes in stock email you information about adding size.

Ruzica (Zilina) 27.10.2014

Question: What is the weight of these boot size 43? Please respond. Thanks.

- Less than 1.5 kg but not Less than 1 kg.

Ruzica (Zilina) 26.10.2014

Question: Can you tell me what is the weight of these shoes, size 43?

- Less than 1.5 kg. Normal person can motorcyclery the shoe on the foot. :-)

misa 19.10.2014

health, they will turn sizes 40 and 41? Thank you :)

- If a company offers again, so yes. Please set the monitoring of both sizes.

Silvia (Bratislava) 16.09.2014

Good day. I want to ask you when you have a stock size 37 Thank you for your response.

- KMM reported recently move to a new production hall + some other changes etc.. We are not sure if they will produce all the models that we have on offer. We'd sold out sizes over time supplemented, if permitted by the manufacturer. We recommend that you set your watch demanded size. In case of completion will then be able to send a notification email.

Kryštof (Hradec Králové) 24.07.2014

Hello cz! I would have ordered these shoes, but I'm afraid that I have. Can I please know the length of the insole in the shoe size 47? Thanks for your response! :)

- The insole is 30 cm.

Adam (Velký Osek) 06.07.2014

well thank you: D you somehow confuse me: D and I could ask ... If you order this prokut size 41 without a zip in the middle .. Come to Friday?

- KMM boots without zipper is only on the order and since the company KMM entire month vacation, so even if you order shoes in the middle and certainly not arrive until Friday.

Adam (Velký Osek) 02.07.2014

Please what? I ordered a size 38 even though the dimensions are numbers 38 - 24.5 cm, 25.4 cm my leg and still growing? .... I would not be small?

- Sorry, the previous answer is wrong fellow, size 40 has a length of 25.5, but if you think you have more leg grow, so you'd better order a size 41 :)

Adam (Velký Osek) 30.06.2014

I've got it exactly 25.4 cm but I'm 15 what should I buy a size? and it is true that to them I obědnávat and in the notes, I want it without the zip, I find no zipper? thank you :)

- Order size 38 About the zipper goes.

Lopes 28.05.2014

Hello I wanted to ask where these boots manufactured

- The company is based in Poland.

Danny 25.05.2014

Hello I read that they can get without zip but can be get without those embellishments such as those tapes? Just pure, unadorned shoes? I know that the tapes can be off but if it got done without handles.

- Simply select a different type of shoe KMM. We offer dozens of species and clean Also available are.

Shirosaki (Praha) 13.04.2014

Hello, I want to ask how much these shoes weigh?

- I have no weight, but one couple has together about two pounds. Just a classic heavy boot.

Marek (Uherské Hradiště) 21.01.2014

Hello cz ... I ordered these beauties, but I'm interested in one thing ... thanks to a new commercial code has changed Complaints procedure and therefore I ask ... When I send shoes to repair an emergency, but will use the services of a professional Švece .. just to correct zipper (jeslti it happens) or přecvokování ... is guaranteed next?

- Once you do hit something on your own, it is not possible to apply the same defect claim.

Jakub (Nitra) 30.12.2013

Greetings. Calf got about 42.5 cm. It will be a problem? Thank you.

- not :-) circuit can increase or decrease the tightening / permission string.

Bonny 12.11.2013

Hello, is it possible to order a size 48 shoe? I metallica shoes from you ... the high Vänskä kill em all .. 47 and at my ease ... Like, there have still Ají place .... but I'm not sure if I would be GLAD you were 47. Therefore, I ask if he would be kdyžtak issue order 48 and possibly if you think that would be a big problem with those 47. Thank you

- produces only up to size 47 If you order and you are not, refunds are cleared immediately. A postage is free ....

Radek (Čáslav) 18.10.2013

Hello i is the size 48?

- No, 47 is the largest.

michaela 05.10.2013

Hello, I want to ask if you have the size of the calf 37 cm

- Sure, you can order any size and calf circumference of 37 cm will not have a problem.

Lena 17.09.2013

Hello, I want to ask if you have size 40? I do not know if I should wait or order a second

- We can get the job, but you waited 30 days. If you are interested, you can order any size and type notes: please size 40 - extending the time period I was informed.

Fabio 08.09.2013

Hello, can order the shoes without the zipper? I stand by that Glade simply do not have the zip and zip is the only thing that prevents me from ordering. Thank you for your response.

- Yes, they can get to without a zipper, but it must be made to order, so in such order extended delivery time for 30 days. If you are interested in shoes without zipper, order these in your note: I has no zipper.

-_- 06.09.2013

hi pls I would like to ask will sound strange but how long it takes before these shoes off my shoes on and I'd like to get it but I'm not sure that I would pursue XD

- When you get up early about 5 minutes, so no problem. ;-) Normally you should catch it but put on a tie to two minutes. It depends on the skill bot owner. :-)

misa 29.08.2013

Hello I need to know what their circuit around the calf when it's size 40 or 41

- On this corresponds to bad, because shoes can be tied to "totalka" or too shoelaces permitted as needed. Rather give me the circumference of your calf. Accordingly, I can tell if you will like them or not.

Sabine (Düsseldorf) 25.08.2013

How many inches is the shaft length in this boots? Unfortunately I have so fat calves and need a shaft width of at least 38 cm in size 37 shoe, so I can close the zipper.

- I measured the skin (shoe size 37) around the perimeter. It is 27 cm. I'm afraid that the shoe did not look good even if it can commit to.

Betty (Brno) 20.08.2013

Hello, I would like to inquire if I would like them to order as it is with velkostamy? Although I motorcyclery 41 but when I ordered steele 42 mi lard This is also true of tuna so you need to be ordered more or just need an ordinary 41? Should I nesadli Daju the back?

- Hello, to compare proportions, we will weigh insole shoes. Size 41 is 26.5 cm and the size of 42 has a dimension of 27 cm. If the shoes did not fit you, you can change, see:

Michal (Nitra) 17.07.2013

Hello I would like to get drunk and there will be number 41 in stock 25th July to 1.8 because my birthday and I would like to be drunk and in that time there will be a number of stock, if so I would like now, I would buy it. Thank you in advance for your reply.

- The lack of size is usually waits until 30 days, but I'd have to check with the manufacturer. Send me an email in the same terms (I mean your comment) on and try to find out. ;-)

Michaela (Ostrava) 03.07.2013

Hello, comments on these issues I had previously condemned, but now I have a similar problem .. My foot measures exactly 24 cm. Usually I buy shoes in sizes 38-39, but your table is the size of my 37 Somehow I do not think so, please advice ..

- Hello, I recommend 38 or 39, PZE in these shoes is always better bigger size

Danny 31.05.2013

good day when I run out of those shoes and I know that they are small or large, it would be exchanged for the same just about a number larger or smaller? .. I have leg 29 cm x11cm please what size should I buy? .. Thanks for the answers

- Order a size 44, if you really leg 29 cm. If two shall measure three millimeters more, so I rather recommend to size 45 The exchange is of course possible. Products can be legally exchanged or returned within 14 days from the receipt of shipment.

Thompson (senica) 07.03.2013

it's cool shoes, but badly handled from the zipper, I suggest you give our metal


Gyrphos 04.03.2013

Once again, I need to ask you for advice, drills me head ... When my leg is 26 cm .. and I'm 16 years old? how much margin is needed? Because when I looked at the dimensions of 40 = 25.5 cm 41 = 42 cm, Thanks

- Hello, this is for each individual, depending also on the genetic disposition, how much you will grow more leg, I'd recommend about size 41-42 :)

Gyrphos 03.03.2013

Oh thank you, I'm sorry .. I missed it :)


Gyrphos 03.03.2013

Hello, I would like to ask what number of these Glade, should I order if I have a shoe size 26 cm .. I am 16 years old, so I probably have a little leg grow, thank you in advance for your answer.


Pekis 28.01.2013

Hi, I would like to ask when it will be in stock size 43, thanks for the answer

- Hi, size 43 is out of stock, but keep these shoes complement :)

Hanča 09.01.2013

Hello, I would like to ask what I do when I begin to peel off one shoe sole? Can you return shoes or complaint? I is probably less than a month.

- You can claim:

Pkflash (Čadca) 22.12.2012

when my leg is 27 cm long enough for me 42ky? and when the size 42 in stock?

- yes definitely 42, doobjednáváme size continuously, but soon after the New Year

Metrix 06.12.2012

Hi, have these shoes in the thumb (finger) much space? Or will I have sore fingers?

- Is there enough space, only that you should be extra atypical leg.

Ondra (Bouzov) 25.11.2012

Hello i want to ask what material is made zip. Thank you for your answer

- Classic zip, only more so - some unspecified metal.

Ferko :D (šala) 19.11.2012

pretty much they are nice but very expensive: D achh Mikulas's not true xD

- Certainly not very expensive. This is the normal price.

Denisa 19.10.2012

:) Amazing shoes fit beautifully, look good .. But once I had it on myself and I immediately started zip

- It will be, you can claim it.

Monika 18.10.2012

Hi, I would like to know when it will be in stock size 38?

- Continuously supplemented. Set the watchdog.

ElHavlíková 15.10.2012

I've just arrived and they are really amazing! Power to recommend, but it will take time to get used to walk in them. = D

Ladislav 06.10.2012

what are men's shoes?

- Unisex.

Consolatrix 06.09.2012

They look brilliant, shame it is not more.

- We also have a 20-pinhole models: C3% A1nky% 20km% 2020d% C3% ADrkov% C3% A9 /

Lenka 12.04.2012

Hi, please what size I need when I'm 26 feet high?

- Size 40th

Netro512 (Kroměříž) 14.02.2012

good, I have a question, if I have 11.5 boots which I think is 45/46 and I have a leg 28.5 cm long, what size would you recommend to me? Thanks for the reply

- Size 44th

elishka 28.12.2011

Hoj. I would like to ask what number would correspond to when my leg is 24 cm long?

- 37 short

Martin 19.12.2011

Hi, can I ask if the size of the shoes I have a length of 25 cm? Thank you

- Try a size 39th

Kym (čb) 19.12.2011

Hello, I would like to ask what should I buy shoes size if (GLAD) brand STEEL mam SW 43rd I do not know if the sizes are the same for both brands. Thank you

- sizes are according to the European numbering, therefore, should be the same

Tajemná Temnota (Český Těšín) 07.12.2011

In this type of shoe would advise you to buy more of one number smaller than you wear usually.


Grendel 06.12.2011

Good day. If I wanted to buy these shoes is good to have some numeric margin in terms of size?. Need a bigger number? :) .. thank you in advance for your answer

- No need to reserve.

Roko 03.11.2011

Hello .... I want to ask if these shoes deliver a spray smell ... I know is that with longer wear much stinks ... thank you in advance for your answer. ;)

- suitable spray you in any store and drugstore cosmetics

Filip (Pezinok) 24.10.2011

Hi I want to SPIT or if I wanted these obiednat Canada and would not be very well or can be exchanged for a smaller number? Thank you :)

- Yes, it can be replaced and return - see.

Tomáš 10.10.2011

I would like to ask if you still have size 43

- Size 43 is available in the menu. Feel free to order.

Lukáš (Pardubice) 16.09.2011

I have a 50 foot it is possible to be tailored to peace?

- So do not get big, because the producer does not have such large soles.

Quietus 15.09.2011

I personally zippers on shoes suit. I had no zipper 15 countries Steely and still require them while constructing directory, especially if somewhere in a hurry. : D Well, to destroy the laces of course. Zipped them quickly fitted with the least and not destroy the laces. ;)

Romana 14.09.2011

Well I've still got quite a fear of the zipper. I do not know if it's messing up the look. And I'm also 25 cm with 42? Normally my shoes in the sport 43-44.

- Try size or rather 43rd Purchased products can replace or under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods (for Slovak customers is the 7-day period).

evuš 13.09.2011

Hi, I would like to ask if my leg is 27 cm long .. I am 43 will be good?

- Choose a size 42, would be more appropriate.

Klaudia 16.08.2011

Do you think that when my size 40 so I will be the one in the leg power to fly if I buy 41?

- The shoe should fit, otherwise you will rub your leg. If you have a size 40, please wait for a size 40, or choose other available shoes. ;-)

Katarína 14.07.2011

size 38/39 are not?

- At the moment they are sold out. Set the watchdog time specify.

Maniacjack (praha) 23.06.2011

Geez canada zip! Shoelaces just for decoration?! This is perhaps forums ... that you like the metal tip of much help to those rupne zip :)

- Zip is fixed. Just in case, so just repair / replace and zip it. ;-) Claims are to apply.

Dontmindme 16.06.2011

Have a good day, I have a question, have metal tip?

- Yes, they do.

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