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t-shirt metal men's Slipknot - Mezzotint - BRAVADO EU - SKTS06MB


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Official Merchandise Slipknot
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t-shirt metal men's Slipknot - Mezzotint - BRAVADO EU

Men's original T-shirt with front and back print. Colour: Black. Material: 100% cotton.


show more of brand: BRAVADO EU
Official Merchandise: Slipknot
Availability: shipping in 24h
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User photos

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Filip (Dolne Vestenice) 23.10.2014

I ask to be Christmas size XL?

- We'd sold out sizes over time supplemented, if permitted by the manufacturer. We recommend that you set your watch demanded size. In case of completion will then be able to send a notification email.

Lem 16.03.2014

I have no interest in this "band", I was wondering whether to expand the range of products from Motorhead. Thank you

- Yes, definitely. Watch:

Matěj 20.01.2014

May I ask when will size XL? Thank you ..

- Spring 2014 drove the stock at the supplier.)

Lukáš (Plzeň) 18.12.2013

What is the size of the width L and M?

- Size M - size L 100 cm - 108 cm

Marcel (Beroun) 03.01.2013

How long will the available size M? please

- Maybe February / March, but it is not certain. Set the watchdog demanded size.

Lucka (Praha) 02.01.2013

May I ask, what are the measurements for size S and M? and if it is still available.

- Size M is now sold out. Dimensions size S: width 46 cm in the armpit, length from shoulder 65cm.

Milan (Piešťany) 02.12.2012

I do but I have this one little inu otazocku. Many people have at least heard what I say of what is that character from the back of the shirt is a symbol of Satanism. But Satanism character looks completely different. stym me something to do? because I know of people who wear something with Satanism can be prosecuted for it, regardless of the character but I think it's bullshit.

- even if it was a sign satanizmu, which is not so for his wearing not be prosecuted - of any religion and faith is not liable to prosecution, alespň not in the European Union

Karel (Brno) 11.11.2012

Hello, I would like to zaptal if the shirt is available in size L? Thank you

- Maybe, just unpacked goods BRAVADO USA. Set the watchdog.

Carnage 18.09.2012

Hello I wanted to ask if you will still be available to size M? Thank you

- according to the supplier's offer about the beginning of October

Freďo (Levoča) 02.09.2012

Hello, I would like to know what are the dimensions of size XXL.

- Width armpit 62 cm, length 73 cm from the shoulder.

twiggy24 ((Žabokliky)) 29.04.2012

Hello, it would be time and size M :)

- earlier than the end of July

Tommy (Praha) 29.04.2012

health, guess where it could be available to size L?

- Maybe after the summer holidays.

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